pa·nache /pəˈnaSH,pəˈnäSH/

a French word
Alluding to that which is Distinctive … Set apart from the rest

The professionals of Panache Consultants are dedicated to providing personalized services and guidance in a range of financial and business needs.  We specialize in helping our clients navigate the complex environment of today’s tax regulations and simplifying the burden of resolution of your tax debt.

25 years of IRS experience has afforded us the ability to move strategically because we always know our opponent’s next move.

Every pawn is positioned and we are constantly focused on protecting our client.

We ensure you are always in complete tax compliance

With our guiding principles of integrity and excellence, we are extremely confident that your experience with Panache Consultants will be likened to no other. Not only do we provide accounting and tax debt assistance, but we go the extra mile to ensure that you are always in complete tax compliance.
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